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Student Services At MSPP

MSPP welcomes applicants that will result in a diverse student body reflecting the school’s dedication to creating a learning environment that appreciates differences in race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, political belief, and disability. The capacity to engage diverse points of view and to learn from unfamiliar cultures, persons and experiences is an essential element of excellence in education and professional practice. An education at MSPP strives to develop such competency in all of its students.

MSPP students bring a wide range of experiences to the program. Many have already had years of experience in the mental health field, as counselors or social workers, but feel the need to expand and deepen their knowledge. Others have worked in related fields, such as nursing, pastoral work, or teaching, and now want to focus on education and training in psychology. Still others have made well-considered career changes from fields such as business or the law. In the process of making these career changes, they have obtained relevant experience and have taken courses in preparation for the doctoral program.

The wealth of professional and life experience is reflected in the students’ work in the classroom and in their fieldwork, enriching both in the process. Classroom interactions reflect this diversity with spirited, challenging and supportive discussions. MSPP students are mature, introspective, and willing to take the risks necessary to become professional psychologists. They share a dedication to their own development, to the amelioration of human problems, and to the application of psychological knowledge in a variety of settings.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in the School. The Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) is the student government that serves as the principal conduit between students and the administration and faculty. In this capacity, SCC members serve as voting representatives at General Faculty meetings and Board of Trustees meetings. They also coordinate student membership on various committees and are a vital and valued part of the MSPP community.

Updated 9/22/14
Josh Cooper

Josh Cooper, JD
Dean of Students

Ken Hopkins

Kenneth Hopkins, PsyD
Associate Dean of Students


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