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Entering Students

For Entering Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to MSPP!

Student ChecklistThis page is for enrolled students to learn more about the MSPP community before classes begin. If you are a prospective student just beginning your graduate school search, you may find our Admissions page or Academic Programs pages also helpful at this time.

Listed below you will find, "Incoming Student Orientation Guide from Admissions ." This chart will help walk you through each step of the process through matriculation at MSPP.

Find specific information and a welcome from the head of your department at the top of the bar on the right hand side of this page.

Incoming Student Orientation Guide from Admissions

Financial Aid

Student fills out FAFSA any time after January 1st. Need based institutional aid is limited and we suggest you file early. Our priority date is March 1st. For rolling admissions, it is important that you file the FAFSA immediately upon completion of your MSPP application for admission.

Within 10 days of admission offer, students receive an award letter. This letter is due back with the loan request by April 23rd or within 10 days of receipt for rolling admissions.
Letter of Admission to the Program
Student sends confirmation of acceptance letter and deposit. MSPP receives deposit.
System Setup
Admissions forwards students' information to Registrar's Office for input into SSIG. IT Department sets up student's MSPP account information, including access to Email, SSIG, Moodle, and Mycampus. Student will receive a welcome package from the IT Office by email. For a complete instruction guide, please visit the IT Checklist here.
Student Has to Activate MSPP Email, MyCampus and SSIG accounts
Student activates accounts. Student can now fully participate in MSPP systems.
Field Placement (For Entering Full Time Students)
Following payment of the enrollment deposit, new students will be contacted by the Department of Field Education or by a member of the department faculty to begin their practicum site search.  
Transfer of Credits
Student must submit a completed Petition for Transfer of Credit (available on the Registrar's page of MyCampus) to the Registrar's Office as early as possible upon acceptance. The Registrar's Office forwards the transfer of credit (TOC) paperwork to the Department Chair (or designee) for approval. The Department Chair (or designee) returns the form to the Registrar's Office as approved (or unapproved) for transfer. The Registrar's Office posts approved TOC to the students' record.
Registrar's Office Forms
IPEDS, Immunization, SEVIS (for international students) and EdTech Authenticity Forms are sent to students. Students need to complete appropriate forms and send them back to the Registrar's Office.
Health Insurance (Mandatory in MA)
Student Services Office sends information about available Health Insurance options. Students must respond by choosing either school-sponsored health insurance or provide documentation of own health insurance.
Registration and Advisor Assignment
Each department has their own procedure for Registration. See their specific info. Each Department will assign Academic Advisors. See their specific info.
Education Technology (EDTECH) Orientation
Student will receive email from Jenny Hopf (copy to Department Chair) with information about EDTECH online Orientation. Students will complete ED TECH orientation prior to course start date.
Official Transcript Showing Degree Conferred
If not done yet, student will request an official transcript to be sent from their institution showing degree conferred. Admissions Office will track receipt of transcripts and notify students if they are missing from the file.
Book Lists and Syllabi
As soon as official Booklist is available, each department will send it to their incoming students with instructions. Students will be notified via email by their department when syllabi for their courses are available.
Orientation — Online (if applicable)
Department Chairs send email to incoming students with information regarding online parts of the orientation. These may include: EDTECH (covered above), Library Services, Community Service, among others.
Orientation — Fundamentals (in person)
Department Chairs send email to incoming students with a schedule of Orientation activities. Department Chairs review final plans for Fundamentals with their department.
Orientation — Final Details — Student Loans
Students arrive for Fundamentals. Attendance is taken each day. Students obtain ID cards, parking permits and other necessary items. Student Loans are received by the school two days prior to classes starting, proceeds are applied to the student account within two days; refund checks are printed and released after add/drop date.

Fundamentals Week
Monday through Thursday, August 25-28, 2014

Monday & Tuesday, August 25-26
Clinical Psychology (Rooms 334-336)

Wednesday & Thursday, August 27-28
Counseling Psychology Department (Rooms 334-336)
School Psychology Department (Room 227-228)
OLP Department (Rooms 332-333)

Updated 4/2/14
Clinical Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Org & Leadership Psych
School Psychology
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