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Student Colloquia 2014

Below is the 2014 doctoral dissertation schedule. Presentations are held at MSPP and are open to the public. Check this space often as we continue to update the schedule, they are listed by date of presentation with the most recent first.

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APRIL [back to top]

The Interpersonal Style of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder [back to top]

Presented by—Elizabeth Schwaiger
Discussant— Don Mitchell, JD
Date—April 22, 2014
Time—7:00 pm
Location—Room 126

An Exploration of Collective Identity Development in Palestinian Youth in the West Bank [back to top]

Presented by—Haneen A. Haddad, MA
Discussant— Sa'ed Adel Atshan, PhD
Date—April 3, 2014
Time—2:00 pm
Location—Room 126

MARCH [back to top]

Adjusting to Life as an Organ Transplant Recipient: A Clinician's Guide for the Use of Therapeutic Assessment in the Treatment of Adolescent Organ Transplant Recipients [back to top]

Presented by—Valerie Weed
Discussant— Bobbi Wegner, PsyD
Date—March 24, 2014
Time—3:30 pm
Location—Room 126

The Relationship Between Trauma, Treatment, and Relapse in Female Juvenile Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation [back to top]

Presented by—Andrea Buonaugurio
Discussant— Danielle Audet, PsyD
Date—March 21, 2014
Time—3:30 pm
Location—Room 126

A Conceptualization of Resiliency for Delinquent Youth and Review of Resiliency Scales for Potential Application to Delinquent Youth and Recidivism [back to top]

Presented by—David Gorman
Discussant— Rebecca Ahlfors, PsyD, LMHC
Date—March 3, 2014
Time—11:00 am
Location—Room 126

FEBRUARY [back to top]

Development of a Theoretical Model of Sexual Abuse by Adult Females Based on Attachment Theory, the Effects of Childhood Trauma, and Brain Development [back to top]

Presented by—Heather Terkla
Discussant— Jillian Bizzotto-Brown, LMHC
Date—February 18, 2014
Time—6:30 pm
Location—Room 126

The Impact of Orthography upon Neuropsychological Testing Performance: A Comparison of Korean and English Native Speakers [back to top]

Presented by—Angela Pang
Discussant— Ricardo Bianco, PsyD
Date—February 12, 2014
Time—7:30 pm
Location—Room 126

JANUARY [back to top]

The Relationship Between Frequency of Text Messaging, Personality Type and Accuracy of Facial Expression Interpretation [back to top]

Presented by—Rebecca K. Snelgrove
Discussant— Jeffrey Brenner, PhD
Date—January 28, 2014
Time—1:00 pm
Location—Room 127

Maternal Postpartum Depression: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Experience of Fathers [back to top]

Presented by—Leah Murphy
Discussant— Raymond Levy, PsyD
Date—January 23, 2014
Time—2:30 pm
Location—Room 126

The Impact of Psychosis on the Treatment and Evaluation of Individuals with Problematic Sexual Behavior [back to top]

Presented by—Alyson Theeman
Discussant— Nancy Connolly, PsyD
Date—January 21, 2014
Time—4:00 pm
Location—Room 334

Social Class and Emerging Adulthood: A Dialectic, Contextual View [back to top]

Presented by—Paul Reynolds
Discussant— Robert Riethmiller, PhD
Date—January 16, 2014
Time—6:30 pm
Location—Room 126

Updated 4/10/14

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