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WarmLines Student Training Profiles

Kate Flaherty and Mary Brolly, third- and fifth-year students, respectively, in MSPP's PsyD program, talk about the value of their unique supervised clinical experiences at WarmLines Parent/Teacher Resources.

Kate Flaherty

Kate Flaherty"I would eventually like to be on the administrative side of the mental health field. My experiences at WarmLines, working with [Freedman Center Executive Director] Margaret Hannah, have been vital to my developing leadership skills. I learned how to effectively direct a community agency and motivate both staff and clients.

As part of my training, I was fortunate to accompany Margaret to a meeting in Boston regarding the “Rosie D” case, which impacts mental health collaboration in the state of Massachusetts. It was extremely interesting to learn about the legislative aspects of psychology and how they affect clients. This trip also allowed me a wonderful opportunity to get in-depth supervision from Margaret.

MSPP prepared me for WarmLines by providing sound clinical experience, which allowed me to offer clinically-informed input at staff meetings and other WarmLines meetings.

While the PsyD program tends to focus on the clinical side of the field, my supervised clinical practice at WarmLines enabled me to step into the administrative role and get a better understanding of what it takes to be a leader."

Mary Brolly

Mary Brolly"I have been co-leading, with increasing participation, WarmLines New Babies/New Parents groups with Margaret Hannah; her experience in the area of infants and parents has been invaluable to me. Future plans include leading more groups under Margaret's supervision, and helping to create a formal guidebook for facilitating the new parent groups.

Leading the parent groups has had a significant impact on me and seems to be shaping my development as a clinical psychologist. My hope is that I can continue to be a part of WarmLines, working to develop the programs further. Whether that happens or not, I plan on continuing to focus on my work with new families. My experience as a facilitator will help me in terms of understanding group process for any group I may lead in the future.

The biggest asset I bring to WarmLines is my experience as a mother. It is something that I use during each and every group. I also hold a master's degree in child development, so that is helpful to the work, too.

The MSPP PsyD program overall has helped me to be a clinician, to think on my feet, to always be aware of the relationship. I feel comfortable doing what I am doing, which may not have been the case 4 or 5 years ago when I was just beginning my doctoral training. Being toward the end of my MSPP time, I can say that I feel prepared to do the clinical work that I am doing."

Updated 2/18/09