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Services to Newton Early Childhood Programs and Providers

February 2013

Dear Newton Early Childhood Professional:

Since January 2012, the Freedman Center at the MA School of Professional Psychology has provided over 90 Early Childhood Consultation services to Newton Early Childhood programs, FREE OF CHARGE with a grant through The Newton Partnership. The funding for these services will end by March 30, 2013, when the requests we currently have in the system have been completed. However, we hope that you will continue to turn to The Freedman Center (formerly WarmLines) when you have consulting needs. Please click here to see examples of the types of consultations we have offered in the past.

We can still provide individualized consultation and technical assistance to your programs on a fee-for-service basis. Our highly-qualified and experienced faculty and consultants can observe, consult, provide tips and strategies, and train an entire staff or specific staff members related to a variety of behavioral issues. Additionally, our staff is able to help programs comply with EEC standards and competencies as well as train or consult around curriculum or other programmatic needs.

In order to streamline the process to make a request for services and get an action plan or solution in place as quickly as possible, you can find the Services Request Form here:
    NEC Services Request Form (xls)    NEC Services Request Form (pdf)
Follow the steps outlined there or mail the form to the Coordinator, Jane Hobbs, here at the Freedman Center. We look forward to continuing to work together to provide valuable consultation services for Newton-based Early Childhood programs. Beginning April 1 we will charge an hourly fee of $200 per hour. While we know this fee is in line with other comparable programs in the area, we also know your budgets may have difficulty allowing for these fees. Therefore, we continue to explore other funding sources to assist in cost reduction, and we do hope you will also be able to put a line item in your next budget for continuing behavioral health and program consultation.

It has been our pleasure to work with you and your staff, and we hope to collaborate with you to serve your children and families.

Margaret Hannah
Executive Director
Freedman Center for Child and Family Development

The Newton Partnership (TNP) is pleased to announce that The Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) has been selected to deliver early childhood consultation services to Newton preschool and family child care programs.

The goal of these services is to enhance the ability of the staff of early childhood programs in the community to meet the behavioral, social, and emotional needs of children in their programs.

For the past three years, early childhood consultation services were provided to programs directly through staff at The Newton Partnership. In the final year of funding, The Freedman Center, building upon the strengths and success of the service delivery model for early childhood services up to now, will create a community-based model that can be sustained within the community.

“Research shows that a highly skilled and well-qualified workforce is a critical factor in the quality of an early education, and that quality programming is linked to positive outcomes for children,” says Susan Linn, Project Director of The Newton Partnership.   “While the quality of early education and care in Newton is already very high, kids still sometimes arrive at their child care program with issues and behaviors that challenge even the most experienced educator.  Having a trusted and respected consultant to help figure out how to navigate particularly tough situations can make a huge difference in a teacher’s ability to effectively work with children, as well as with their parents.”

“We look forward to working with The Freedman Center on this exciting collaboration,” continues Susan. “When we were considering how the early childhood services would continue on after our initial funding, we knew that we needed a partner that is understanding of the challenges and joys of working with young children, has content expertise, and solid consultation experience.  The Freedman Center has all of those qualifications, is well-respected in the community, and is ready to hit the ground running.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this partnership.”

Margaret Hannah, Executive Director of The Freedman Center, housed in the MSPP Building at One Wells Ave (Ground Floor) in Newton, is spearheading the project implementation.  “We see consultation as an on-going relationship with programs, meaning that as we get to know programs and they get to know us, we can help with a range of issues.  For example, perhaps the consultant is visiting a school to observe and discuss a particular child’s withdrawn behavior, yet through the course of the visit, the consultation leads to a more general discussion about the “warning signs” of stress in young children.  The result is that one visit can benefit all children in the school or family child care environment.  We do similar consulting already both in and outside of Newton, so it’s a real treat for us to be able to offer this right in our own backyard.  We are very excited to have this opportunity.”

The work will be a combination of customized services to meet the particular needs of a program, including consultations, group trainings, and/or technical assistance.  These services are free for any licensed family child care or preschool program in Newton. Professional Development Points (PDP’s) will be offered for group trainings.

To make a request for services, download the request form below. Once it is completed, please attach it to an email or send by regular mail, along with any questions you may have.

NEC Services Request Form (xls)    NEC Services Request Form (pdf)


Mail: The Freedman Center at MSPP, One Wells Ave, Newton MA 02459

You may also call us at 617-332-3666 x1123.

Request Services

To make a request for services, download the request form below. Once it is completed, please attach it to an email or send by regular mail to, along with any questions you may have.

NEC Services Request Form (xls)

NEC Services Request Form (pdf)

Email: freedmancenter

The Freedman Center at MSPP
One Wells Ave
Newton MA 02459

You may also call us at
617-332-3666 x1123.

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