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My Experience in New Orleans

Community Service Projects

My Experience in New Orleans

by Lisa Giordano

Part of developing as an effective psychologist can stem from volunteer work throughout an individual’s career. For me, I have always been interested in volunteer work and have been interested in volunteering in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I am fortunate to have finally had this opportunity at MSPP as it has facilitated my growth through developing a better understanding of working with different populations in a different area. Volunteering in New Orleans provided me with a first hand experience of how an entire community can be affected by one disaster and thus, more importantly, allowed me to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The Cross-cultural course at MSPP this year taught me about being aware of differences and making myself aware of these differences in order to increase my effectiveness as a psychologist. I am thankful to have not only made myself more aware of the difficulties still present in New Orleans, but was able to do my part in rebuilding the city. This aspect of the trip was what touched me the most and I feel grateful for the opportunity to give back to an area I was unfamiliar with previously.

My only wish is to continue to help New Orleans in the future. I feel as if the education provided at MSPP on working with different populations and cultures combined with the hands-on experience in New Orleans enabled me to grow as an individual. I feel more confident in my ability to work with a variety of cultures through my interactions in New Orleans and look forward to continuing my education and experience at MSPP.

Updated 3/9/09

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