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Assessment of Older Adults

Assessment of Older Adults

The Brenner Center at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology is now offering neuropsychological assessment of older adults under the supervision of Dr. Jason Osher.

Our comprehensive reports in straightforward language will provide important diagnostic clarity, as well as peace of mind, to you and your patients. We are able to answer a variety of referral questions, including:

  • Are the patient’s cognitive changes related to normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, or the onset of dementia?
  • What areas of cognition are affected, and what is the expected course?
  • Is the etiology of the patient’s cognitive problems a progressive degenerative process such as Alzheimer’s Disease, vascular disease, depression, medication side-effects, or another condition, for example, a medical illness?
  • What would be the most effective treatment plan? Would medication be effective–and what kind? Would therapy be of benefit–and what type? Would cognitive strategies training be helpful?
  • What would be of assistance to families in the management of the individual’s problems and in making decisions about the best environment and the most appropriate care and support?

Our offices are ideally located for individuals living in the Greater Boston area. We are a short distance from Route 95 (128) and are also easily accessible from the city. We have ample parking and are handicapped accessible.

There is currently no wait list for older adult assessments. Please call Dr. Kelly Casey, Executive Director, at 617-323-6662 x509, with any questions or referrals.

We look forward to serving you.

Updated 12/15/14

Office Hours
8 am–6 pm
8 am–5 pm

For an appointment or more information, please call 617-323-1735.

1208 VFW Parkway
3rd Floor
West Roxbury, MA

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