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Matt Bergin

MSPP Student Ambassador

Matt Bergin
Roger Williams University
Organizational and Leadership Psychology Program Graduate

My name is Matthew Bergin and I am a graduate of the Organizational Leadership and Psychology class of 2011 and a resident of Bo ston. The path I took to become a graduate of MSPP’s Organizational Leadership and Psychology program took many twists and turns. It started when I entered my undergraduate school, Roger Williams University, as a Psychology major. I am a people person first and foremost, but having observed my grandfather who was a very successful businessman, I also knew I wanted to work in the business environment. So, after graduating in 2003, I decided to work in the business environment and see if I could find the right balance between people and business. I took on many roles at large Boston area companies such as Putnam Investments and CRA International. I was even placed in project management roles at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Massachusetts Port Authority. However, even as a project manager, finding the balance between people and business proved to be difficult as my roles were mostly numbers based. I decided I needed to expand my horizons and pursue a master’s degree which combined both. It was at this time I found both Organizational Psychology and MSPP.

While I was an undergrad, I had heard of Organizational Psychology but never thought much of it. However, when the time came to look for a master’s program, Organizational Psychology immediately came to mind. The next step was to find the right program. This did not take long as I found MSPP’s program very quickly. It offered the exact curriculum I was looking for and the program format allowed me to pursue career goals. I went to an open house where I was able to meet and speak with the program director as well as several other members of MSPP’s community. The environment, the students and faculty, and other candidates for the program gave me the energy to apply and accept an invitation into the MSPP Organizational Leadership and Psychology program. Choosing a master’s degree and program is a very difficult and time consuming decision. My decision to choose MSPP came rather easily. My experience at the open house, the curriculum and program format was a perfect match. I knew right from the start that if I ran into problems whether it was adjusting to school after a little time off or if I had a question regarding some of the material from the course, my professors would be glad to help. My fellow classmates offered tremendous support as did the entire student body and faculty at MSPP regardless of the program they were in. I highly recommend MSPP to all I speak with and I hope you choose MSPP. You will not regret it!

Updated 9/9/13

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