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Dubinsky Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dubinsky Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Eli Dubinsky established this scholarship in 2010 in memory of Ms. Bessie Dubinsky, his beloved older sister who took care of him when he was young and who he, in turn, cared for as she aged, until her death. This fund supports scholarships to train veterans to treat other veterans, because, as he said: 'veterans need more help than they receive and only people who have been there can really provide for them.' The needs of military veterans and their families were very close to Eli's heart as were his sisters.

Two days after graduating from Boston College with a bachelor's in chemistry, Eli reported for military duty. The year was 1941, and for the next four years he saw, by his modest report, "substantial" action in the Pacific. For many years, Mr. Dubinsky directed the Chemistry Department at Tufts NE Medical Center. Peter Berenson, an MSPP Trustee and close friend of Mr. Dubinsky, has also been a significant supporter of this scholarship fund over the years.

Updated 10/14/13

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