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For Families & Friends

A Message to Families and Friends

The achievement of a graduate education is often one of the most rewarding and challenging times in a person’s life. It is a time of enormous academic and personal growth, often leading to the discovery of new and greater levels of self-awareness, confidence and maturity. In pursuing this goal, graduate students will often observe that their organizational, reading, presentation, writing skills, and experiential references will be more rigorously tested when compared to those responsibilities they encountered during undergraduate study.

Families, spouses, and friends play a very important part in a student’s journey. Therefore MSPP wants you to know that several support services are available to help students manage their academic obligations, overcome setbacks and to achieve a high level of personal and professional growth. These services include those offered through our Academic Resource Center, Office of the Dean of Students and our Office of Career Services.

We strongly believe that regardless of their age, students also depend on your encouragement to help them thrive in this highly rewarding and sometimes demanding journey. The training at MSPP touches upon every aspect of our student’s well-being, and while attention to personal growth is a core value, we are certain that with your understanding it continues closer to home.

Acknowledging the integral role that you play in the success of your student, we welcome you to become an active partner in the MSPP experience!

Updated 12/9/14

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