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Apply to PsyD

Apply To The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology

Admissions Process—The Interview

About three weeks after the Application deadline you will receive notification from the Admissions Office as to whether you have been selected to interview. If you are selected, we will offer you an interview to be held at the school (please see application for specific dates). Since we are unable to respond to individual requests for preferred interview days, applicants should be available to interview on the date scheduled. You are required to confirm your interview day and time. Failure to confirm the interview is understood as a decline. Please be sure to read your interview invitation thoroughly.

Applicants who apply for Late Consideration, if selected for further consideration, will be notified directly by the appropriate department to schedule an interview.

To ensure a fair and thorough evaluation, the Admissions Committee is comprised of interview teams which consist of a faculty member, and a student. There are two components to the interview process. The first part is the individual interview, which takes approximately forty minutes. The members of the interview team have meticulously read through each application and are ready with discussion points and questions for the interviewee. The recommended way to prepare for the interview is for each applicant to review his/her own application and knowledge about MSPP and the program. The applicant is also encouraged to ask the interview team questions. It may help to alleviate anxiety to bear in mind that under this arrangement the decision about your admission is made by a team and does not rest solely with any individual. We believe that this is the best way to ensure a thorough and equitable review process.

The second component of the interview process is the group interview. In the group interview, you will be assigned a task to contemplate. Tasks vary across teams and depend upon the particular group of applicants. The task is not designed for one candidate to emerge victorious, but rather for the interviewers to get a collective sense of each candidate’s interpersonal characteristics and decision-making ability within the context of a small group. It may be helpful to know that there is no competition within the group, as more than one applicant in any group may be offered admission.

Interviews are an all day event depending on the time of each individual interview. The MSPP Admissions Office along with current students, alumni and faculty host events during the day to keep the applicants occupied, well fed and within arms reach of someone to answer their every question and concern.

Approximately two weeks after the interview you should receive notification with a decision regarding your application.

Please be aware that MSPP does not share information or provide any feedback regarding admissions decisions.

Updated 8/31/14

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Contact the Admissions Office via email at or call 617-327-6777 (local) (toll free) to speak with an admissions representative.

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