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Field Placement Team

Field Education & Training

Become a PsyD Field Site

Supervisor's Responsibilities

The Primary Supervisor’s responsibilities are:

  1. To complete and to sign the Field Placement Contract during the annual Assessment and Planning Conference (typically held in May or June) or to complete and to sign the Contract during early September before the trainee begins to see clients.
  2. To work with the student to implement the training program as specified in the Field Placement Contract.  This is accomplished by helping the student to reach contracted learning goals, by monitoring the student’s overall development as a professional psychologist, and by maintaining an awareness of the interface between field training and coursework at MSPP.  The Primary Supervisor will be contacted half way through the first semester by the MSPP Field Education Office to learn about the student’s progress.  Further, the Field Education Office personnel are available to discuss any matters related to a student’s work.  In addition to these routine contacts, site visits will occur routinely by a designated MSPP psychologist from the faculty or administration.  You will be contacted to arrange this visit or you may request a visit to your site.  The Primary Supervisor attends the Assessment and Planning Conference (A & P) which is one of the most important mechanisms that integrates the student’s individualized needs, the field site characteristics, and the MSPP program.  As noted previously, the Field Education Contract is typically completed at the A & P conference.  The A & P conference is described in more detail below.
  3. To provide timely and complete written evaluations a the end of each semester using MSPP Evaluation Forms.
  4. To inform the student of the various programs, training opportunities, and supervisors available at/to the site.
  5. To oversee or designate another staff member to oversee the student’s training program at the site.

The Primary Supervisor will receive a copy of the Field Placement Contract from the trainee in September.

Updated 8/19/14

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