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Out in Front - MSPP School Psychology

Out in Front

Updates from the MSPP School Psychology Program

March/April 2014

MSPP Goes to Washington

The MSPP School Psychology Program was well represented at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) annual convention in Washington D.C. Approximately 30 students and faculty members spent their "school vacation" at the conference, about a dozen students and faculty members were presenters at the convention.

Faculty members Craig Murphy and Gayle Macklem encouraged students to submit proposals and helped them prepare for conference presentations. The coaching was put to good use by Amanda Bradshaw, Jill Santa Maria, and Stephanie Gray, third year interns in the MA/CAGS program, who offered a stellar workshop entitled, "Black and Bad: Reconsidering the Discipline of African American Students." Year 2 MA/CAGS student Geoffrey Brown offered a poster presentation on "Mindfulness Practices in the Classroom." His poster was first shown at a conference at Northeastern University last spring, at which most Year 1 MA/CAGS students presented posters on studies they conducted for their first year Research and Evaluation Methods class with Dr. Murphy.

PsyD-level students were well represented, too. Lisa Leboeuf (third year School PsyD) presented a poster, "Using '5 Promises' in an Urban School to Improve Student Resources," based on her work with Boston Public Schools' Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model. Fourth year School PsyD student Kate McGravey and 2nd year School PsyD student Jaclyn Kinsman offered a workshop on "Educating and Counseling LGBTQ Youth," and were also co-presenters for "The Trevor Project: Leading the Way for LGBTQ Suicide Prevention."

Geoffrey Brown Lisa Leboeuf
Bradshaw, Gray and Santamaria Craig Murphy and Betsy Hemphill

Student presenters at NASP Convention: Geoffrey Brown; Lisa Leboeuf; Amanda Bradshaw, Stephanie Gray, and Jill Santamaria. Craig Murphy presents with his intern, Betsy Hemphill.

As in past years, the faculty led by example. Craig Murphy gave a talk on "Theory to Practice: Implementing Behavioral RTI in Elementary Schools," and also offered a two hour workshop together with MSPP Clinical Psychology faculty member Haskel Cohen entitled, "Redefining Behavioral-Emotional Assessment in Schools: A Three-Tiered Model." Dr. Arlene Silva presented the results of a recently conducted study as part of a panel on "Best Practices in Early Career Transitions." Program Director Bob Lichtenstein and second year PsyD student Wendy Price were members of the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association (MSPA) team that presented a poster describing how MSPA developed a model for evaluating school psychologists for the Massachusetts Department of Education.

MSPP faculty and students have presented at the NASP convention year in and year out—a clear sign that the MSPP School Psychology Program has achieved national prominence.

Dinner in DC

Midway through the NASP Convention, the MSPP contingent celebrated with a multi-course dinner (we lost count of how many courses!) at a Lebanese restaurant near the convention hotel. The place came highly recommended by Arlene Silva, who knows Washington, DC and local restaurants well from her graduate school days at the University of Maryland and her internship at the NASP national office. Our party of 27 was seated at one very long banquet table, which made for much trading of seats and a fun, lively time.

Dinner in DC Dinner in DC

MSPP convention attendees out on the town in Washington, DC.

Video Release (What, no Party?)

Some new videos from MSPP are well worth the minute or two of your time. School Psychology Program faculty member Arlene Silva shares her thoughts on the profession of school psychology and discusses the kind of mentoring and support that MSPP faculty members provide.


Year 2 MA/CAGS student Pamela Carr offers her impressions of the educational experience and the sense of community at MSPP.


Reports That Matter

The final installment of Bob Lichtenstein's three-part series, "Psychoeducational Reports That Matter: A Consumer-Focused Approach," graced the front cover of the March/April issue of Communiqué. John Desrochers, editor of the NASP newspaper, commented in his monthly column that the articles "apparently resonated among Communiqué readers: the series and his discussion on the NASP Member Exchange online community generated more comments from members than any set of articles in recent memory."


Updated 3/27/14

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