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Out in Front - MSPP School Psychology

Out in Front

Updates from the MSPP School Psychology Program

January 2013

Community Service by MSPP Faculty

Professors in academia are tarnished with the stereotype of living in an “ivory tower,” and out of touch with the real world. That tends not to be the case in the field of school psychology, and is definitely not applicable to the MSPP School Psychology faculty. Our faculty shares its expertise with schools and educators to promote positive outcomes and valuable mental health services in schools.

Bruce Ecker will offer an in-service presentation on “Identification and Intervention for Anxiety Problems to the Cape and Islands Chapter of the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association on January 25th. In March, Bob Lichtenstein will meet with the western suburbs school psychologists collaborative to discuss models for evaluating the services that school psychologists provide. Later this year, he will conduct an in-service with the Boston Public Schools school psychology staff on increasing the efficiency and value of their psycho-educational assessment reports.

Margaret Hannah, Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at MSPP, serves on the School Psychology Program faculty. A major portion of her professional role involves community service. Coordinating Primary Project, a nationally recognized prevention program in which all 1st year school psychology students participate, is just one of many Freedman Center projects. Other activities that she oversees include weekly support groups for new parents, playgroups for preschool children with their parent or caregiver, and a mental health information and referral service.

New Babies New Moms at the Freedman Center

Gayle Macklem will return, by popular demand, to give a talk on anxiety disorders to the “Emotional Problem of Children” class at Wheelock College. The instructor for the course reported that the information was beneficial to teachers in training, and inspired two students to pursue careers in school psychology.

Clemente Vega is involved in an exciting international project. He is a member of a team of physicians, psychologists, and other health professionals who will provide early intervention services for impoverished children in Peru with neurodevelopmental disorders. His team recently toured hospitals, community clinics, and outreach centers, and visited the homes of families that are in need of these services. These professionals will train local providers and evaluate the long-term effects of these interventions. Dr. Vega is a bilingual neuropsychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as an MSPP faculty member.

Students Contribute to Communities, Near and Far

The December 2012 issues of Rapport, the MSPP community newsletter, featured the work of two school psychology students: Eden Gudonis (Year 3 MA/CAGS) and Lisa Andrade (Year 3 PsyD). Eden credits MSPP faculty members Bruce Ecker and Clemente Vega (both recognized in this newsletter) for serving as role models. Lisa has been providing bilingual psychological services as an intern at a community mental health center in the Allston neighborhood of Boston.

You can read the accounts of Eden, Lisa, and other MSPP students here.

Eden Gudonis Lisa Andrade

Westward Ho! MSPP at the NASP Convention

Although this year’s annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is 4000 kilometers away, in Seattle, MSPP will maintain its unbroken string of having multiple presenters on the convention program.

Students are well represented, as Wendy Price (Year 1 PsyD) is co-presenter of a mini-skills workshop on “Students Who Self-Injure,” and Kate McGravey (Year 3 PsyD) and Jacki Kinsman (Year 1 PsyD) are offering a workshop on “Creating Safe Schools for LGBTQ Youth.” Representing the School Psychology Program faculty, Bruce Ecker will conduct a mini-skills workshop on "Collaboration with Parents,” and Gayle Macklem will present on “Depression in Middle School Girls.”

In 2014, the NASP Convention returns east, to Washington DC. MSPP have attended previous East Coast conventions (Boston and Philadephia) in force. The February 2014 dates for the Washington convention coincide with the MSPP winter break, so we won’t need to cancel classes as we have in the past.

Updated 8/6/13

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