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Course Descriptions

School Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

SCH SB631—

(3 credits)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the spectrum of eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, eating disorder NOS including binge eating disorder and disordered eating), epidemiological factors, phenomenology of eating disorders, diagnostic issues, proposed etiologic factors and the role of psycho-education. The second half of the course turns to intervention and treatment issues and includes conducting a comprehensive evaluation, the multi-disciplinary team and various approaches to psychotherapy, as well as interventions that have proved most useful. Ethical and diversity issues in the treatment of eating disorders are discussed.

Cross listed as: COU SB631 and SCH SB631.
Prerequisites: COU CX510 or SCH CX610; and COU PY522 or SCH PY522.

Updated 5/5/11

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