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Course Descriptions

School Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

SCH FX600—

(2 credits)

This course is designed to introduce the student to basic concepts and issues in infant toddler parent intervention. It draws presenters from two infant parent oriented organizations, the Jewish Family and Children’s Service and the Boston Institute for The Development of Infants and Parents, because these clinicians represent up to date thinking and practice regarding their topic. Topics covered include: basic attachment theory, reflective functioning, postpartum mood disorders and depression, challenges to the infant parent relationship re eating, sleeping and those born with special needs, post adoptive depression in the parents, the relevance for adult psychotherapy of infant research, dysregulated attunement, infant observation and the watch wait and wonder intervention program. Because these clinicians are available only at certain times, the sequencing of content is based on their availability, not necessarily a specific logic of having one topic precede another.

Cross listed as CLI FX600 and SCH FX600.

Updated 5/5/11

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