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School Psychology Program

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in School Psychology


The first phase of the program consists of the MA/CAGS coursework and related field work, which totals 66 semester credits and requires 3 years of full time study. This provides the candidate with the essential skills, knowledge, and credentials to function as a licensed psychologist in school- and education-related roles.

The PsyD phase of the program consists of advanced coursework that enables candidates to broaden their scope of practice, enhance their effectiveness in leadership and supervisory roles, and deliver specialized services that schools do not routinely offer. This brings the total coursework requirement to 120 credits (124 if internship is completed over a two year period). Upon subsequent completion of a supervised post-doctoral professional experience, a program graduate may qualify for licensure as a psychologist.

Curriculum Outline

Required (Core) Courses, MA/CAGS Level

* Candidates must meet these course requirements, or the equivalent (i.e., through advanced standing, course waiver, directed study, or transfer of credit)

Required (Core) Courses, PsyD Level

Psychological Foundations (all)

System Interventions and Indirect Services (minimum of 4 credits)

Psychoeducational Theory and Practice (minimum of 4 credits)

Assessment (minimum of 6 credits)

Clinical Interventions (minimum of 6 credits)

Doctoral Practica

Doctoral Project and Internship coursework

* Candidates must meet these course requirements, or the equivalent (i.e., through advanced standing, course waiver, directed study, or transfer of credit)

Additional Elective Courses

Additional Program Requirements

1. Assessment and Planning Conference.

All students participate in an individualized Assessment and Planning (A&P) Conference at the conclusion of each year in the program. A&P Conferences serve two essential functions: (1) overall assessment of a student's performance in all areas of the program and (2) individualized degree planning. A&P Conferences establish and assure clear academic and professional standards, while identifying and assessing a student’s unique background, interests, learning goals, and professional aspirations. Intermediate A&P Conferences are held on an as-needed basis to address emergent issues.

2. NCSP application

Students will be expected to apply to be a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, if not previously earned.

3. Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

A passing score on the Communications and Literacy Skills test of the MTEL is a requirement for advanced standing students who reside in Massachusetts. The equivalent test will be accepted for out-of-state students.

Course Schedule and Format

A typical course load for doctoral students is four courses each summer, yielding 8 to 10 credits, and two courses each Fall and Spring semester, yielding 4 to 8 credits each semester, for a total of approximately 20 credits per year.

The PsyD/advanced standing phase of the program begins with summer courses. A typical schedule for summer courses would be half days for two weeks for a 2-credit course, and half days for three weeks for a 3-credit course. Here are the projected dates for Summer 2014:

July 7—Orientation
July 7-11—Instruction Week 1
July 14-1— Instruction Week 2
July 21-25—Instruction Week 3
July 28 - August 1—Break/Reading Week
August 4-8—Instruction Week 4
August 11-15—Instruction Week 5

During the school year, core courses are scheduled during the late afternoon and evening, with most required courses offered on Thursdays. Elective courses are typically offered on Monday evenings. Occasionally, a class meets on a weekend date.

Students who work full-time can expect to complete required coursework prior to the doctoral internship in 3 to 4 years. Students who work part-time can expect to complete required coursework in 2 to 3 years.

Updated 2/17/14

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