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School Psychology Program

School Psychology Program (MA/CAGS)

School psychology is a challenging and rewarding specialty for which there is unprecedented need and demand. School psychologists apply advanced expertise in education, human development, and personal-social relationships—along with sensitivity and respect for others—in serving children, families, schools and communities.

Program Overview

This program prepares practitioners to enter the school psychology field with advanced level competencies that effectively meet the needs of today’s schools, students, and parents. The three-year program is focused on developing skills and professional behaviors that promote healthy development and reduce barriers to learning. Students receive a Master of Arts after earning 30 or more credits, and continue on to earn a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in the final two years.

“Our learning community includes outstanding field supervisors. We support their professional development through our continuing education programs, and we promote school improvement in their buildings through our community service programs and faculty consultations. This ripple-effect produces value for our students as well as for their students. Over time, we hope to see our graduates become field supervisors and pursue lifelong professional development within our learning community.”

—Bob Lichtenstein, PhD
Director, School Psychology Department

Program Philosophy

MSPP integrates rigorous academic instruction with extensive field education and professional development assistance. We believe that the best learning comes from blending classroom knowledge with hands-on experience. While this happens throughout the program, first-year students receive a unique and particularly valuable introduction to clinical work as “Child Associates” in the Primary Project, an empirically-validated preventative mental health program. Students work with primary grade students who are at risk for adjustment problems.

“I came to MSPP because I felt that I would be around a group of faculty who were committed to their students- something that is often missing at larger institutes. I can't tell you how happy I am that not only have the faculty met and exceeded my expectations, so has the entire MSPP community. It's truly a family atmosphere when you enter the doors and that feeling has obviously stuck with alumni who still rave about their experiences when I meet them.”

—Jeff Forti, School Psychology MA/CAGS Alumnus

Program Goals

The MA/CAGS Program in School Psychology prepares future practitioners to develop proficiency in a comprehensive range of essential skills and professional behaviors that promote healthy development and reduce barriers to learning, and to confidently practice a comprehensive model of school psychology.

In its 2015 Best Jobs Report, US News & World Report rated school psychology as the top social service job, and the 17th best job overall. "Schools aiming to address the learning and emotional needs of students are on the hunt for school psychologists, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11.3 percent uptick in the occupation by 2022.”

Updated 1/15/15

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