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Respecialization in Clinical Psychology

Psychologists who hold doctoral degrees in developmental, experimental or other areas of psychological study who wish to develop expertise in Clinical Psychology may consider the Respecialization Program. In 1976, the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association (APA) determined that training in Clinical Psychology requires both academic and applied components. While the applied component might be obtained in a variety of settings, only an academic institution can provide the academic component. MSPP's integrative training model offers a rigorous academic and applied experience for psychologists who wish to become clinicians.

The Respecialization Program admits students on a rolling basis. All programming is individualized, and training is designed to address the unique experiences of those who hold prior doctoral degrees in psychology. The Respecialization Program is designed to prepare psychologists for eligibility for licensure and a career in clinical practice to complement or supplement earlier professional interests.

Updated 11/3/14

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