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Course Descriptions

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) In Clinical Psychology Program

Course Descriptions

CLI PA503—

(2 credits)

This advanced course in cognition and intelligence builds upon the material learned in the introductory course, Psychological Assessment I: Foundations of Cognitive Testing. Integrating theory and practice, this course examines the changing area of cognition and intelligence as it relates to children, adults, and some special populations. Specific cognitive functions will be surveyed. Body based cognition, scanning ability; attention processes, visual monitor integration, multi- modal processing, memory, conceptual thinking, and language are examples of the cognitive arenas that will be systematically addressed. Throughout the semester the class will be introduced to a variety of assessment procedures which recruit these various cognitive processes. Multiple models of cognition will be introduced as the class explores various cognitive “functions.” In particular, a comprehensive model of cognition within personality will be highlighted. This bio-developmental model of cognition controls introduces a hierarchy of cognitive functions that serve adaptation and learning. Concepts of adaptive intent, bands of functioning, short – term mobility, long – term stability, cognitive – affective balance, metaphor, and neurotic styles will be introduced. In – class exercises, testing team assignments, team report writing, and in – class team presentations, will be the basis for assessing each student’s class performance.

Prerequisite: CLI PA501.

Updated 2/18/11

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