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Course Descriptions

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) In Clinical Psychology Program

Course Descriptions

CLI MH550—

(2 credits)

Psychologists in clinical, forensic and other areas of practice are often asked to provide consultations. At times, these consultations may result in involvement in administrative hearings, lawsuits or other legal proceedings. Additionally, psychologists who do not contemplate involvement in legal proceedings may find themselves asked to participate in depositions or in giving testimony. For example, child therapists may become involved in divorce proceedings, therapists for adults may be asked to testify in proceedings arising from accidents, workplace conflicts, discrimination, workman’s compensation, social security appeals, insurance disputes and many other situations. This course offers an overview of consultation skills for psychologists, as well as the ethical, legal and professional practice issues to be considered when clinicians are asked to provide consultation. The course also provides information and practice in providing deposition or courtroom testimony, distinguishing between a “fact witness” and an expert witness. Consultation and various forms of legal contexts in which testimony is taken will be differentiated. “Best practices” in providing both professional consultations and testimony will be highlighted. Consultation scenarios and mock testimonies will be an integral aspect of this course. Participants in this course should have a basic foundation in psychological methods and practice, including professional experience in a clinical, forensic, educational or other setting where consultation services are routinely utilized.

Prerequisite: CLI FP700.

Updated 2/18/11

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