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Course Descriptions

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) In Clinical Psychology Program

Course Descriptions

CLI CC552—

(1 credit)

This course is intended for fourth year students in the Latino Mental Health Program. At this point, most students will have completed two summer immersion programs in Latin America and one internship year working with Latino patients in the USA. Most students will be participating in their second internship year and working on their doctoral research projects. This course will provide an opportunity for Latin Mental Health Program students to discuss their future professional roles as psychologists working with Latinos. Students will have an opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing doctoral projects, as well as their ongoing clinical work with Latino patients. Various topics will be covered related to professional development, with a particular emphasis on Latino mental health practice. The course will be conducted entirely in Spanish, and will also give an opportunity for students to enhance their professional vocabulary in Spanish.

Cross listed as CLI CC552 and SCH CC552.
Prerequisite: CLI CC555 or SCH CC555 and permission of the instructor.

Updated 5/5/11

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