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Org Psych MA

Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology Program (MA)

Student Profile

Kelvin Wong, Organizational Psychology MA Student

My field-placement experience provided was perhaps one of the career-defining moments that every individual always hopes for. Through MSPP, I was able to be a part of an Organizational Development team in the Healthcare industry that had an established practice for well-over 30 years. The team consisted of individuals from various backgrounds and through them I was provided mentorship on so many different levels. On an educational level in the field, I was able to be involved in Survey Design, Survey Administration, Leadership training and was able to contribute my insight in a variety of Organizational Development meetings. The entire experience was simply robust and perhaps is one of the catalysts that have propelled my career to where it is now. Currently, my new role in an organization is to participate in the administration of our Annual Employee Survey and be actively involved with our Talent Management agenda. My involvement in the field-placement at MSPP not only provided the experience to speak on my participation in these projects, but also my supervisor and my team-mates at my field placement provided me mentorship that taught me professional conduct and self-confidence to allow me to demonstrate my skills. The MAOP program at MSPP and the field-placement was the catalyst for my new career. I was able to receive both personal and professional development from the field-site program and it is an experience that I will forever remember.

Updated 8/6/14

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