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Org Psych MA

Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology Program (MA)

Student Profiles

Matt ConstableMatt Constable, Organizational Psychology MA Student

"Three of the most appealing elements of this program are, firstly, the learning opportunities integrated into the program’s blended structure, which allows me to be engaged both intellectually online and experientially during our weekends in residence."

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Jacqueline Dejean, Organizational Psychology MA Student

"I can count three times that this has happened to me; three times I was hired to take on a newly created position, and as the first person to fill those roles, the responsibility fell to me to flesh out the actual job description and bring to fruition what had previously only been imagined by the hiring manager."

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Kelvin Wong, Organizational Psychology MA Student

"My field-placement experience provided was perhaps one of the career-defining moments that every individual always hopes for. Through MSPP, I was able to be a part of an Organizational Development team in the Healthcare industry that had an established practice for well-over 30 years."

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Updated 8/6/14

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