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Org Psych MA

Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology Program (MA)

Student Profile

Jacqueline Dejean, Organizational Psychology MA Student

I can count three times that this has happened to me; three times I was hired to take on a newly created position, and as the first person to fill those roles, the responsibility fell to me to flesh out the actual job description and bring to fruition what had previously only been imagined by the hiring manager. The first position was as a research financial manager of a rapidly growing medical research division of a major teaching hospital, the second position was as a research administrator of a school comprised of 26 departments of a major university, and the third was as associate vice president of grants and research of a medical school. Each time I performed my role in developing my office, meeting customer needs and implementing changes. Despite my personal success, I could not help but consider the simple truth that there had to be a better way to enable organizational change that felt productive empowering and sustainable for all those involved in the change or affected by it.

Enrolling in MSPP’s Masters in Organizational Psychology Program was the best decision of my career. In this fast paced, intensive 10 month MA program, I receive more than just the basics in implementing organizational change, but receive in real-time, the tools that enable me to be an effective change agent. Having already earned an MBA I was accustomed to thinking about organizational profitability, however, MSPP’s program allowed me to view organizations through a psychological rather than business lens. This shift in vantage point provided an incredibly eye-opening perspective. As I experience each course of the program I find that the focus on making healthy organizational changes and creating healthy organizational environments resonates with me. Courses covering organizational change theory and practice, diversity, inclusion and respect, the leadership experience all rooted in empirical research equip me to effect change by overcoming resistance to change, inspiring involvement and facilitating organization momentum in the change process. I would be remiss if I only mentioned the relevance of the course materials; the faculty is phenomenal. Their expertise, passion for their field and for the each student’s development is apparent in their teaching style and commitment.

I will be completing the program in May 2012, but the professional development tools I have acquired so far I have already put to good use as I model professional skills to my new employees, facilitate team meetings, and collaborate with customers and consultants on behalf of my employer to improve organizational effectiveness. It is to the credit of the faculty of MSPP and the school itself that I plan to continue on and complete a doctorate in Organizational and Leadership Psychology.

Updated 8/6/14

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