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MSPP will re-open at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.
All morning classes and programs are canceled.

Course Descriptions

Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department

Course Descriptions


(3 credits)

Assessment of organizational health and functioning is the first step in effecting lasting change.  Assessment skills are critical tools for organizational practitioners to up hold the ethical value of assisting clients in making a free and informed choice regarding action planning. As such this course is dedicated to teaching students how to use qualitative and quantitative survey techniques to assess and successfully diagnose organizational effectiveness. Students will learn naturalistic inquiry including: interviewing and focus group qualitative data gathering skills and creation of interview protocols, coding, and thematic development reporting.  Students will also learn to be good consumers of quantitative reports and basic statistics most used in organizations to make meaning out of survey data.  Additionally students will consider the ethical issues of data gathering, reporting and diagnosis.

Updated 5/13/13

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