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Leadership Psychology Program

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Leadership Psychology
Blended Format



30 credits applied from an appropriate master’s degree.
Semester format running 2 courses each semester for 15 weeks (4 credits each).
Residency is held annually October 1-4.
Click here to view the academic calendar for our semester schedule.
25 hours of practical work equals 1 credit for Organizational and Leadership Psychology.

2014-15 Calendar

Residency (Annually)
October 1-4, 2014

Semester 1
September 2 - December 19, 2014
17 weeks with 1 week for Thanksgiving and a 1 week reading period
Thanksgiving break is November 24-28, 2014
Reading period determined by instructor

Semester 2
January 5 - May 1, 2015
17 weeks with 1 week for Spring Break and a 1 week reading period
Spring Break is February 16-20, 2015

Year One (16 credits)

Semester 1
ORG LP710–Leadership & Followership: Theoretical Bases of Leadership (4 credits)
Instructor: Ligia Buzan, PhD
ORG LP711–Leadership Development and the Use of Self (4 credits)
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD

Semester 2
ORG LP712–Becoming a 21st century Leader
(4 credits)
ORG LP713–Leadership Proseminar (Ethics, Negotiation, Research & Practice) (4 credits)

Year Two (16 credits)

Semester 1
ORG LP726–Statistics and Research Methodology I (4 credits)
Instructor: Mark Ouchida, MEd
ORG LP746 –Immunity to Change In Organizations (4 credits)
Instructor: TBA

Semester 2
ORG LP727–Statistics and Research Methodology II
(4 credits)
Instructor: Brian Ott, PhD
ORG LP748–Leadership and System Approaches (4 credits)
Instructor: Ligia Buzan, PhD

Year Three (16 credits)

Semester 1
ORG LP725–Qualitative Methods I (4 credits)
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD
ORG LP745–Creative Change & Transformative Leadership (4 credits)
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD

Semester 2
ORG LP735–Qualitative Methods II (4 credits)
Instructor: Ligia Buzan, PhD
ORG LP740–Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change (4 credits)
Instructor: Erik Gregory, PhD

Year Four (150 hours) (select one) (5 credits, year-long)

ORG LP 751–Practicum-Leadership in K-12 Education (5 credits)
ORG LP 752–Practicum-Leadership in Higher Education (5 credits)
ORG LP 753–Practicum-Leadership in Business Organizations (5 credits)
ORG LP 754–Practicum-Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations & NGOs (5 credits)
ORG LP 755– Practicum-Leadership in Health Care Organizations (5 credits)
ORG LP 756–Practicum-Leadership in Government and the Public Sector (5 credits)

Doctoral Dissertation (concurrentlywith practicum) (15 credits)

Semester 1
ORG LP801–Doctoral Dissertation Design Seminar (3 credits)

ORG LP904–Dissertation (12 credits)

Total: 98 credits

Updated 6/10/14

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