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Capstone Presentations

Counseling Psychology Department

Capstone Presentations

The following titles represent a rich sample of diversity in scholarly topics analyzed by MSPP students from the Counseling Psychology department.

  • A Closer Look at Family Dynamics as it Relates to Incest
  • A Comprehensive Evaluation of Prison Mental Health
  • A Holistic Perspective in Developing Strengths-based Batterer Interventions (CFT)
  • A Proposed Treatment Method for Pedophilia: Testosterone Binding Agents and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Response to Sexual Deviance in Adult Males Diagnosed with Pedophilia
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as an Effective Treatment Method for Anorexia Nervosa
  • Acculturation & Religiosity: The Immigrant Families Experience
  • Adjunctive Treatments in Schizophrenia
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics: Lasting Effects of Growing Up with an Alcoholic Parent
  • An Exploration of Burnout and Coping in Correctional Officers
  • An Exploration of Food Addiction and the Obesity Epidemic: The Potential of ACT as a First Line of Adjunct Treatment
  • An Exploratory Study Examining the Relationship and Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Trauma in Adult Violent Offending
  • Anorexia and Feminism
  • Barriers to Maintaining Physical Health in Individuals with Schizophrenia
  • Changing Our Perceptions of "Local Teen Prostitutes" Using a Complex Trauma Framewor
  • Clinical Implications for Working with Mixed-Status Latino Families (CFT)
  • Clinical Implications of Social Pain Overlap Theory
  • Coming Out: LGB Adolescents
  • Communicating Violence Risk Assessments
  • Correlation Between Community Violence, Mental Illness, and Delinquent Behaviors
  • Cyber-Infidelity: When Infidelity is No Longer Three Dimensional (CFT)
  • Denial in Sex Offender Treatment
  • Diagnosing Antisocial Personality Disorder and Considerations of Differential Diagnoses Between Women and Men in the Community
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Issues for African American Women with ADHD
  • Effective Treatment of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia
  • Effective Treatments for Individuals Who Abuse Prescription Medication
  • Efficacy of the Maudsley Approach Family Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents
  • Emerging Adulthood
  • Enhancing Resilience in U.S. Latino Youth (LMHP)
  • Ethnic Differences in Sexual Attitudes
  • Examining Females' Disclosure of Sexual Victimization and the Impact of Social Responses
  • Examining the Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Criminal Behavior
  • Exercise & Depression
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Immigration and Ego Development
  • Exploring the Success of Social Skill Treatment Programs for Individuals with Asperger's Disorder & High Functioning Asperger's Disorder
  • Expressive Arts Therapy and Foster Care
  • Family Dynamics and Borderline Personality Disorder Features (CFT)
  • Female Prostitution: Risk Factors and the Impact on Mental Health
  • Harm Reduction and Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Health Implications and Rape in Male Prisons: How Research Can Improve the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
  • Identifying and Preventing Social Anxiety Within The Adolescent Population (CFT)
  • Jumping the Chasm: How African-Americans Can Go Beyond "Narrowing the Gap" Through Positive Parenting (CFT)
  • Juveniles Mandated to Register as Sex Offenders
  • Meditation and The Training of Mental Health Professionals
  • Mental Health Needs of Female Offenders and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Implications for Trauma-Informed and Gender-Responsive Correctional Care
  • Mindfulness and Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness Matters: Enhancing Emotion Focused Couple's Therapy Through Mindfulness Practices (CFT)
  • Mindfulness, Vulnerability, Safety, and Connection: Where Therapeutic Holding and Healing Meet
  • Motivational Interviewing: Implications on Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Nonverbal Communication & the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Panic Disorder Review: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications
  • Parenting With Mental Illness
  • Poly-Victimization in Abused Children: Expanding Assessment and Treatment Beyond Presenting Problems
  • Presentation and Treatment of Depression in An Aging Population
  • Prison Suicide Prevention
  • Psychological Effects of Parental Incarceration on School-Aged Children
  • Psychological Effects of Segregation Units
  • Reconceptualizing Bulimia Nervosa as an Addictive Behavior
  • Resiliency Training for OIF/OEF Veterans
  • Risk and Protective Factors for Acculturative Stress in Latino/a Adolescents Living in the U.S. (LMHP)
  • Risk Factors within Latinos That Lead to Gang Involvement: Why are Gangs So Attractive? (LMHP)
  • Sexual Communication and Relationship Satisfaction: Methodological Issues and Treatment Implications
  • Shifting from Secular to a Religious/Spiritual Paradigm in Psychotherapy
  • Should Therapists Recovered from an Eating Disorder Work with Clients with Eating Disorders?
  • Sibling Relationship and Eating Disorders: A Call for an Integrative Approach in Family-Based Treatment
  • Social Anxiety and Internet Use
  • Surrogate Families: A Comparative Review of Latino Culture's Influence on Gang Affiliation (LMHP)
  • Tailored Treatment Approaches for Latinas with PTSD: Differences in Immigrant and US-Born
  • Technology, Creativity, Cognition, and Critical Thought (LMHP)
  • The Application of Couples and Family Therapy in Aphasia (CFT)
  • The Effects of Adolescent Cannabis Use
  • The Effects of Identity Play in the Virtual World on Transgender Adjustment, Quality of Life, and Self-Esteem for Gender-Variant Individuals
  • The Impact of Having an Autistic Sibling on the Neurotypical Sibling (CFT)
  • The Impact of Internet and Cell Phone Use on Social Engagement
  • The Impact of Managed Care on Psychotherapy Practice
  • The Impact of Pediatric Cancer on Parents
  • The Impact of School-Based Mindfulness Programs on Emotion Regulation in Children and Adolescents
  • The Impact of Sexual Abuse on the Intimate Relationship: How Survivors and Partners Experience Trauma (CFT)
  • The Influence of Juvenile Risk Assessments on Disproportionate Minority Clients
  • The Mechanisms of Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma
  • The Obscured Voice: An Argument for the Recognition of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
  • The Psychological Impact of Cults on Ex-Member
  • The Relationship Between Trauma and Juvenile Sex Offenders: Implications for Treatment
  • The Use and Effectiveness of Child Centered Play Therapy
  • The Use of Clubhouse Treatment Program in Managing Mental Health Needs
  • Therapeutic Models and their Effectiveness at Reducing Recidivism in Convicted Sex Offenders
  • Transgender Children and Adolescents: Promoting Health and Acceptance (CFT)
  • Understanding Media Violence: A Risk and Resilience Approach
  • Understanding Racism as a Form of Complex Trauma
  • Using Culturally Competent Services to Improve Parenting Among Latino Parents (LMHP & CFT)
  • Using Equine Therapy with At-Risk Adolescents
  • Using Expressive Arts Therapy to Facilitate Positive Youth Development
  • Using Mindfulness to Enhance Cultural Competence
  • Using Traditional Martial Arts Training with Aggressive or At-Risk Male Adolescents
  • Using Yoga to Enhance Mental Health
  • Vicarious Trauma Among Counselors
  • Working With Couples who Experience Infidelity (CFT)
  • Youth in Foster Care and the Link to Delinquency

Updated 10/9/14

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