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Course Descriptions

Counseling Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

COU FX630—

(3 credits)

This course highlights a framework for counselors and agencies working with families and communities to help families envision their desired lives. Drawing on theoretical concepts of Appreciative Inquiry, Collaborative, Solution-Focused and Narrative therapies, this course will focus on interventions that will engage reluctant clients in addressing long-standing problems; and help students to develop practices to ground their work in a spirit of possibilities, collaboration and accountability. The importance of diversity and difference will be addressed throughout the course, such as gender and power issues, social class, and other socio-cultural factors. Open only to students in the master's program in Counseling Psychology and the doctoral program in School Psychology.

Cross listed as COU FX630 and SCH FX630.
Prerequisite: COU CX510 or SCH CX610 or by permission of instructor.

Updated 11/7/13

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