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Course Descriptions

Counseling Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

COU CS610—

(2 credits)

This course is linked to students’ first semester of internship and helps them continue to integrate their ongoing clinical experiences with their classroom learning and developing identities as professional counselors. The class will provide a forum to explore issues pertaining to diagnosis, case conceptualization and intervention, therapeutic alliance and process, integration of theory and practice, as well as professional identity development and ethical standards. The common factors of psychotherapy and the emergence of evidenced-based practice will also be discussed. The importance of understanding the impact of difference and diversity will be underscored throughout the course. Students will have the opportunity to present their cases and further their experiential learning of the consulting group model. Open only to students in the master’s program in Counseling Psychology.

Prerequisite: COU CS501 and COU FP512; co-requisite: COU FP611.

Updated 2/25/11

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