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Course Descriptions

Counseling Psychology Department

Course Descriptions

COU CC564—

(1 credit)

This 1 credit course is designed to provide students with an enriched immersion experience and exposure to Haitian culture. The course focuses on increasing student sensitivity to diversity and difference, promoting learning and sharing of cross-cultural experiences, enhancing competence in building effective therapeutic relationships with immigrant populations, understanding the bridge between psychological theory and its application to culturally diverse groups, increasing awareness of ethics and standards appropriate to professional practice with ethnically diverse populations, and expanding the global perspectives of students in the field of mental health. Students will take part in didactic activities to learn about the history of Haiti, cultural belief systems and practices, and their impact on help-seeking behaviors among Haitian immigrants. Additionally, students will travel for a week-long service learning and summer immersion experience in Haiti where they will gain a deeper appreciation of the language, customs, and cultural practices of Haitian society. Students will engage in service learning activities and multidisciplinary collaborations with schools, grassroots organizations, and health care and social services agencies in Haiti. They will also participate in cultural excursions, and visit historical sites and other points of interest in the host community.

Cross listed as CLI CC564 and COU CC564.

Updated 5/9/14

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