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Who This Program is For

Counseling Psychology (MA) Program

Who This Program Is For

The professional mental health field draws persons from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Because the range of human needs is so diverse, the field employs persons at many different levels of education and training, from the bachelor’s to the doctorate, with the master’s in-between. Accordingly, master’s level training appeals to a variety of individuals for a variety of reasons. Some persons who pursue a master’s degree are recent college graduates with an undergraduate major in psychology who are interested in graduate school but are not sure if they want to pursue a doctorate. Others are interested in doctoral study in psychology and are hoping to make themselves stronger candidates for that eventual career path by earning a master’s along the way. Still others will pursue a master’s degree later in life as part of a career change. Finally, some persons seek a master’s degree because they either already know that they wish to practice independently and are seeking the shortest but most thorough path to that goal, or because they are already working in a mental health or related field and believe that master’s level preparation and licensure will better equip them to function in their roles as helpers.

Updated 10/1/07

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