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Applied Psychology

Master of Arts in Applied Psychology in Higher Education Student Personnel Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MA in HESPA?

A: The MA in Higher Education Student Personnel Administration (HESPA) is a program that examines the changing world of Higher Education in the 21st century and how best to meet the needs of changing student populations. This program follows a science-practitioner model with an emphasis in research, practice, assessment, and skill development. Our faculty are experts in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration.

Q: How long does the MSPP program take?

A: This is a one-year intensive program online only. Students are required to complete an 80-hour field project as well.

Q: What is MSPP's academic calendar?

A: MSPP follows the semester system. Fall (August to December), Spring (January to May).

Q: Is it a full-time program?

A: Yes. 98% of our students work concurrently.

Q: How often are new classes admitted into the program?

A: New classes are admitted for the fall semester of every year.

Q: What is the student to faculty ratio?

A: 5:1

Q: What is the average size of the entering class?

A: Of the many applications received internationally, an average of 15 students are selected each year based on work experience and commitment to change in higher education student personnel administration.

Q: What is the tuition rate?

A: Tuition and fees information can be found here.

Updated 5/13/13

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