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Lee Clinton, EdD

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Lee Clinton, EdD

Lee Clinton received his doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, where one of his two specializations was research and evaluation approaches. He has served on the faculty of Columbia University, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), and Boston University. Lee Clinton’s writing and projects include DYS populations (MA), school-based behaviorally disordered children and youth, learning and cognition, and program evaluation.

Reflections on Black History Month

“I can only try to talk about what Black History month is or what it means from the view of how I see it and what it means to me. It seems that there are many views and numerous meanings.

Black History month is a celebration of a group’s story, both its joyful and painful moments. Forgotten or ignored history is lost history for those who have lost or forgotten. American history, without the story of Black Americans, is an incomplete history. Further for any group to make progress, there needs to be experience-based goals and a knowledge of past and present conditions. Basically, I’m saying that both 'diverse' and 'mainstream' groups profit from the better knowing of group 'stories.'

I believe Black History month is part of a cultural mirror that reflects who Black Americans are, how their situations were shaped, and both what they have done and have faced. For me, history is a powerful shaper of group identity, if not the actual stuff of identity. This is what Black History month means to me.”

Updated 7/9/12