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Press Release

Press Release

METCO Executive Director Jean McGuire is Commencement Speaker at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

BOSTON (West Roxbury), MA (June 4, 2006)--Jean McGuire, executive director of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc., (METCO) since 1973 will deliver the Commencement address at the school’s graduation ceremonies on June 4. As head of METCO, the largest and oldest not-for-profit desegregation/integration program in America, McGuire has become one of the most significant and outspoken leaders of the movement for quality education for people of color in metropolitan Boston and nationally.

“Jean McGuire was the unanimous choice of the Board of Trustees, and we are delighted that she accepted our invitation to speak,” says MSPP President Nicholas Covino: “There are few educators in the state who have shown greater wisdom, strength and commitment to child development and education than Ms. McGuire. Jean’s capacity to network, advocate, negotiate and educate has given a lesson to all and a future to many. ”

What: MSPP Commencement
Where: 221 Rivermoor Street, West Roxbury
When: Sunday, June 4, 2006, 2 pm

Others receiving honorary doctorates that day will be Dr. Jonathon Slavin, Director of Tufts Counseling Center at Tufts University, and Dr. Kermit Crawford, Director of the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology at Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center at Boston Medical Center and the BU School of Medicine.

Covino says the two honorees were chosen in recognition of their leadership and creativity as educators, administrators and clinicians. Both men have run the best mental health programs in the city and have embedded the highest quality training programs into them.

MSPP offers a Master of Science degree Psychopharmacology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) as well as advanced training in areas that span the evolving field, including geropsychology, organizational consultation, executive coaching, and juvenile forensics, among others.

In the fall of 2006, the school will welcome its first candidates for a new Master of Arts in School Psychology program, and the first participants in its new Latino Mental Health Training program, designed to immerse doctoral candidates in Latino culture and language and prepare them to care for the special mental health needs of a growing Latino community.

This year, MSPP will grant 34 doctorates and 8 master of science in psychopharmacology degrees.

Covino believes that the new MSPP graduates have been well prepared for a world in which the need for psychotherapeutic treatments and mental health medicines is growing. “With intolerably long waiting lists for child psychiatry and other psychopharmacology services, nurse-graduates of this program can competently prescribe and the psychologists can consult with pediatricians and other prescribers to improve access to mental health care for children and adults. After more than 4 years of classroom instruction and intensive, supervised, clinical experience our doctors of clinical psychology have the education and well developed skills to serve the mental health needs of the community with excellence. ”

Founded in 1974, MSPP’s innovative clinical teaching program has given rise to generations of professionals who are today’s leaders in the field of clinical psychology as well as compassionate healers in their communities. MSPP continues to build on the innovative legacy of the past, while creating new programs, methods and models for training young professionals to meet the challenges of the 21st century—challenges that will not only test their skills in new ways, but bring psychologists into nearly every facet of modern life.

Updated 10/1/07

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