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Nicholas A. Covino, PsyD

Reflections from the President

Safe and Supportive Schools Legislation, 2013

Dear all:

Here is an opportunity for social advocacy on behalf of children.  Below please find a call to action from the Mass Advocates for Children urging a call or a note to your state legislators asking them to support the “Safe and Supportive Schools” initiative.  This initiative creates a framework to assist schools to implement a variety of structures and initiatives to promote behavioral health, positive discipline, truancy reduction and social emotional techniques in schools.  

We know that the best venue for psychological care for children is in schools.  We also know that there are enormous opportunities to bring psychologically informed techniques to assist with general education, in the hallways, school yards and classrooms.  These opportunities are often seen as less important or a funding or time challenge for systems.

Please make a call or make contact with your legislators as you receive this message to urge them to support this important initiative.

Thanks for your help and attention to this important initiative for our children.


> Learn more: Safe & Supportive Schools Legistlation (pdf)

Updated 2/5/13

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