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MSPP Faculty

PostDoctoral Fellow

Dr. Megan Kavanagh

Dr. Megan Kavanagh graduated from the University of Virginia with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Dr. Kavanagh proceeded to obtain her Master's degree in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, where she studied the various aspects of child development and took courses in specific learning and developmental disorders, as well as play therapy. During this time, Dr. Kavanagh wrote her master's thesis on the early intervention for expressive language delay in toddlers, which further developed her interest in working closely with children in this age group.

While earning her Master's degree, Dr. Kavanagh participated in a number of clinical observations of the developmental testing clinics at The Children's Hospital of Boston where she developed an appreciation of the need for well-trained and experienced clinical psychologists to assess infants, toddlers and pre-school age children with disabilities and delays, and the significance of collaborating with pediatricians, special educators and other specialists in the field. These experiences led Dr. Kavanagh to understand the importance of using a culturally-sensitive, strengths-based, family-centered approach, in order to achieve the best possible developmental outcomes for the children.

In 2010, Dr. Kavanagh enrolled in a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. While at MSPP, Dr. Kavanagh pursued a specialization in neuropsychological assessment, and took multiple courses on psychological, projective, cognitive and educational assessments for children. Dr. Kavanagh trained alongside a psychologist at a family-counseling center where she provided short and long term therapy to pre-school and latency-aged children and their families, worked as a counselor for adolescents at a high school, spent a year conducting neuropsychological assessments for children at the Pediatric Neurology Unit at Tufts Floating Hospital for Children, administered neuropsychologcal and projective assessments to Cambodian refugees through the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, and completed neuropsychological assessments in the Poly-Trauma and Memory Diagnostic clinics at the Edith Norse Rodgers Memorial Veterans Hospital.

After graduating from MSPP with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in June of 2014, Dr. Kavanagh began her Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Neurodevelopmental Assessment Center for Young Children at the Brenner Assessment and Consultation Center, where she further developed her expertise in assessment of young children (ages 2-8). Passionate about the need for timely and accessible evaluations and intervention for the younger population, Dr. Kavanagh and her colleagues at the Brenner Center work collaboratively with several agencies in Massachusetts and enjoy a continuous stream of referrals for the assessment of preschool and early school-age children.

Updated 8/22/14

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