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MSPP Abstracts

Abstracts: A digest of monthly news and events from the MSPP community

MSPP Goes to Washington

The School Psychology Program from MSPP was well represented at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) convention in Washington D.C. Specifically, approximately 30 students and faculty members spent their "school vacation" at the conference, with more than a dozen students and faculty members serving as presenters at the national convention; a clear indication that the school psychology program at MSPP has achieved national prominence.

Amanda Bradshaw, Jill Santa Maria, and Stephanie Gray (from the MA/CAGS program) presented a paper presentation titled, "Black and Bad: Reconsidering the Discipline of African American Students." Fellow MA/CAGS student Geoffrey Brown presented a poster titled, "Mindfulness Practices in the Classroom: Examining Teacher Perceptions." Having students at the MA/CAGS level contribute to the research in such a meaningful and important manner is a clear reflection of the program's commitment to training elite practitioners who not only value research-based practices, but also contribute to the development of such programs.

Christina Dolce, one of the first graduates from the MSPP School PsyD Program, was also scheduled to present the results of her Doctoral Project, "The Effectiveness of an Adolescent Obesity Training Intervention." In addition, Lisa Leboeuf (third year School PsyD) presented her poster project, "Using '5 Promises' in an Urban School to Improve Student Resources." Lastly, Kate McGravey and Jacklyn Kinsman, both current fourth year PsyD students, were co-presenters for "The Trevor Project: Leading the Way for LGBTQ Suicide Prevention," as well as "Educating and Counseling LGBTQ Youth: A Comprehensive Workshop." These four students embody the mission statement of MSPP, as they are working as leaders in schools, meeting the needs of vulnerable populations, and are clearly making a difference.

Finally, two of the School Psychology Faculty members also presented at the conference. Dr. Craig Murphy presented, "Theory-to-Practice: Implementing Behavioral RTI in Elementary Schools," and co-presented a two hour workshop with Dr. Haskel Cohen titled, "Redefining Behavioral-Emotional Assessment in Schools: A Three-Tiered Model." Finally, Dr. Arlene Silva presented her research as part of a panel titled, "Best Practices in Early Career Transitions." Similar to our students, our faculty is leading by example. Their wealth of experiences as school-based practitioners leads to practical and professional training opportunities for our students across the MA/CAGS and PsyD programs. Eight years young, the MSPP School Psychology Department is thrilled to be represented by such a diverse group of students and faculty members.

News about Faculty, Staff, Students and ALumni


Kristen Dillon, PsyD, currently a VA postdoctoral fellow and MSPP Alumna, presented her Doctoral Project work at the American Society on Aging (ASA) conference in San Diego. Dr. Erlene Rosowsky was her Doctoral Project Chair. Kristen received an honorable mention from the ASA for her graduate student research. The title of her poster was: Relationship between anticipatory grief,depression,burden and predementia closeness in adult child caregivers of a parent with dementia. The pictures include Kristen and Erlene in front of her poster and a picture from the ASA Gala.

Dillon and Rosowsky in front of Poster at ASA Conference Kristin Dillon and Erlen Rosowsky at ASA Gala

Exploring Ways to Integrate Culture in the Psychological Treatment of Latinos

On Friday March 28th MSPP and the Latino Mental Health Program hosted Exploring Ways to Integrate Culture in the Psychological Treatment of Latinos. The keynote speakers were Margarita Alegria, PhD, Director, Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Martin La Roche, PhD, Director, Mental Health Training, Martha Eliot Health Center, Harvard Medical School. The afternoon attendees were given the option to attend 2 of 3 workshops: Underserved Behavioral Health: A Model of Care for Vulnerable Populations with Carlos F. Cappas, PsyD, Clinical work with Latinos: Culture and Context with Esteban Cardemil, PhD and/or Latinos and Forensic Work with MSPP's own Nilda Clark, PsyD. The turnout was impressive, approximately 75-80 people, representing not only faculty and staff but a wide array of community partners looking to learn more about working with Latinos. We hosted a wide variety of providers such as psychologists, social workers, case workers and educational staff. By the end of the day there was a sense of community was established and providers wanted to create a network in order to keep in touch and work together on furthering ways to integrate treatment of Latinos..

Conference Presenters

Left to right: Margarita Alegria, PhD, Esteban Cardemil, PhD, Nilda Clark, PsyD, Carlos Cappas, PsyD, Martin LaRoche, PhD, MariCarmen Bennasar, PsyD.

Conference attendees

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